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Fez is an RSS Reader for Today.

Your RSS Reader is dead. Fez isn't. Fez handles your feeds like you'd expect, but ties in social stuff like Facebook, if you so please. Fez can monitor keywords for you. Fez can be yours. Fez. Fez fez fez. Fez.

Good News! Google Reader users -- your subscriptions and starred items import into Fez!

Fez can be social, without the social

Right now, Fez can monitor new posts from Facebook Pages, with other social networks to come. With or without RSS support from them. What what!

Tags, but like, smart

Everybody’s got tags, but Fez has SmartTags. SmartTags are tags you set up ahead of time that Fez automatically adds to new entries. OK, so they’re basically saved searches. That support RegEx.

Share to pretty much anywhere

Fez gives you a few places you can share articles to, like Facebook and Twitter, but you (and other users) can make your own Share Tools and let other users take advantage of them! Plus, you can share within Fez to other Fez users.

Display your feeds however you want

Fez lets you view feeds as just titles, titles with summaries, titles with full entries, or even in a pretty unique grid view that's all the rage these days.

Of course, Fez does other Readery things

But in addition to that stuff, Fez shows you entries from your favorite feeds, lets you tag and star them, mark them as read or unread. But everyone's doing that. Or should be. You can see a full list of features on the Features and About page.

Fez has some cool stuff coming really soon, too!

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Quit procrastinating! Sign up!

Fez ain't free, which is another thing that makes it different than other RSS readers. But here's the deal -- you choose how much you pay. You can pay monthly, 6-months, or yearly. You get to move a little slider and pick your own price that you pay each month, or every 6 months, or every year. Oh, and to thank you for buying in bulk, regardless of the amount you pay, you get some free months when you go the 6-month or yearly route.

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